Scottish Silver

Scottish Provincial silver is a fascinating collecting area due to the huge variation of marks, well in excess of 2,000 and counting.

There are many available options, collect one maker, one town mark, spoons, ladles , tongs or whatever takes your eye.

Some silversmiths produced a large amount of items, whilst other in the smaller guilds made very little and probably still have some to come to light yet.

A few Scottish silversmiths moved around various towns which adds even more marks to the mix.

Whichever way you choose to build a collection, it will be an interesting and fulfilling pastime.

Scroll down to see some examples of provincial marks.

Scottish Provincial Silversmiths & Their Marks by  Richard Turner is a must have book or serious collectors

From top to bottom.

Greenock John Heron, great example of the 3 masted ship mark on a tablespoon

Dumfries Henry Mouncie, a rare mark on a ladle, he died age 25 so only an active silversmith for a short while

Banff George Elder, scarce mother & child mark on a teaspoon

Inverness Charles Jamieson, a great example of the dromedary mark on a tablespoon

Paisley I & G Heron, the scarce Rat mark on a dessert Spoon

Inverness John MacRae, rare bird mark on a ladle

R.H Thistle b Thistle from the strange “b group” (R.Turners book pages 92/93) on a set of 12 Table Forks

Banff Alexander Shirrass (or Shirrazz) on a table spoon

Elgin Thomas Stewart, rare marks in perfect condition on the underside of a milk jug










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