Irish Silver

Dublin  & Irish Provincial silver is another great collecting area, really only Cork (Limerick if very lucky) as anything else Provincial is probably a museum piece.

Cork silver is reasonably easy to find and the quality is usually high standard.

Bright cut star pattern is very pleasing to the eye.  A pleasure to use as well as lock away.

Scroll down to see some examples of Irish marks.

From top to bottom.

Cork Joseph Gibson, well stamped marks on dessert spoon

Dublin Benjamin Taitt, wine label mark

Dublin John Pittar, great set of well stamped marks on a bright cut star tablespoon

Cork Michael McDermott, rare Cork maker, well stamped marks on a huge serving spoon

Cork John Warner, goose egg cup mark

Limerick Patrick Connell mark on a basting spoon

Limerick Matthew Walsh mark on a sauce ladle







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